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  How do I search for an item?
  You may search for an item on any page in our website by typing the words you are looking for in the Search box at the top of the screen.  Press <Enter> and the search will begin.  You will be returned a list of items that match all of the criteria you entered.

To narrow your search, enter more keywords in the search box.  To broaden your search, enter fewer words.
  How do I buy an item?
  To purchase an item from our website, click on the Buy button next to the item you want and it will be added to your shopping cart.  You may view the contents of your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the View Cart button at the top of the page.

Once you have added an item to your shopping cart, you can increase or decrease the quantity by simply typing the new quantity in the Quantity box on the screen next to your item.  If you type in a quantity larger than what we have in stock, the quantity will be set to the number of items we have available automatically.  Click on the Update Shopping Cart button or press the <Tab> key to see the new quantity on your order.

  What is my login?
  If you are new to our website, you will need to create a login so that we can set aside the items you put in your shopping cart and keep them for you.  If we do not have some way to tag these items, someone else could buy them while you are still shopping.

You may pick your own login name and password.  If the login name you pick is not unique (it has been used before), you will be notified immediately and you will need to pick a different login name.
  What if I have a login already?
  If you already have a login, we try to remember who you are.  However, if you have not visited for 60 days or more, we may need you to login again.  You can use the login name and password you created on your first visit.  Once you login, we will remember you for another 60 days.

Once you have a login with Pretty Snazzy, you can check the status of your previous orders, change your billing information, join our mailing list, and much more!  If you have any questions about your account, please e-mail us at orders@prettysnazzy.net.
  What if I forgot my password?
  If you forgot your password, we can change it for you and send you the new password.  Please send your login name to orders@prettysnazzy.net and we will send a new password to the e-mail address that is on your account.  You can change that password once you are logged in.

Please note that we can only send your password to the e-mail address that you have on your account for security reasons.
  How do I change my account password?
  Click on the My Account button at the top of the page and you will be taken to the Account Information page.  On the right-hand side is a box named Change Password.  You will need to type your old password in the Old Password box and then pick a new password to type in the New Password and Confirm New Password boxes.  Click on the Change Password button and your password is changed.

If your New Password and Confirm New Password boxes do not match exactly, your password will not be changed.  Just try again and make sure you type the same password in both boxes.

If you do not remember your old password, please contact us at orders@prettysnazzy.net and we can send you a new password to the e-mail address that you have on your account (see What if I forgot my password? above).
  What are Inactive Items in my shopping cart?
  When you put an item in your shopping cart, we set that item aside just for you.  Nobody else can buy that item while it is in your shopping cart.  However, occasionally items are left in a shopping cart for a long time or even forgotten about when an order is abandoned.  To make sure that everyone has an opportunity to buy the items on our site, we will reserve an item for 30 minutes before we put it back on the shelf.

However, we know that you have expressed an interest in that item, so we also place the item on your Inactive Items list.  This list is a "short cut" that you can use to see what items you left "lying around".  To add an item back to your order, just change the quantity from zero (0) to the quantity you want and press the <Tab> key or click on the Update Shopping Cart button.  The item will be returned to your order and again set aside just for you.  If the item is purchased by someone else it will be automatically removed from your Inactive Items list.
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