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  An item is generally considered Vintage if it is older than 30 years old and is considered Antique if it is over 100 years old. Pretty Snazzy uses these guidelines when describing an item. Whenever possible the approximate timeframe is given for a piece, but since Pretty Snazzy is primarily a vintage jewelry and rhinestones dealer, an item will not necessarily say that it is vintage or antique in the description.
  If an item is obviously newer than 30 years old it will be described as new, newer or contemporary in the description. So if there is no age given in a description and Pretty Snazzy believes that it is older than 30 years old, it is considered vintage or antique and can be assumed by the customer as such.
  Special care is given in describing whether a particular rhinestone color, size and shape is new or vintage. We understand how important this can be for the customer. If the rhinestones are being used for vintage jewelry repair, you may prefer to have vintage stones so that the color matches a bit closer. Jewelry designers many times prefer the new stones for their designs. Please donít ever hesitate to inquire if you need a particular stone and donít see it on the website. We have a large selection of stones Ė not all of which are on the website. We also have clear stones that may have a bit more yellow in them than we would normally send out in an order. This may be the exact thing that is needed to repair a vintage jewelry item though. Just ask! We never mind taking a look.

For more rhinestone information, download our rhinestone information flier with a size chart, shape chart, and helpful hints on rhinestone replacement techniques.

Rhinestone Information Flier
  Conditions are always identified in the descriptions of jewelry items on the Pretty Snazzy website. Below is a list of the definitions of each of those terms. If an item is described as Very Good, Good or Fair condition, the flaw(s) will usually be identified.
  Mint Vintage in like new condition. Usually (but not always) in the original box or card.
  Excellent Outstanding condition. No noticeable wear to plating, no stones missing, all stones in excellent condition with no noticeable discoloration or spotting. Enamel is intact with no noticeable chipping or wear. Backs of pieces (especially earrings) may show some wear and still be marked as excellent condition as long as any wear is not seen when item is worn.
  Very Good No stones missing but there may be very slight darkening, yellowing or spotting in one or a few them but most will be in very good shape. May be some minor wear to plating but it does not detract from the piece. Enamel chipping/wear will be minimal.
  Good Still very wearable but there may be more noticeable wear to the plating. There may be more significant darkening, yellowing or spotting to stones. Any enamel chipping will be noticeable but intact overall.
  Fair Significant wear to plating and/or major darkening/yellowing of stones. Any enamel chipping/wear will be significant.
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